Day 132 – Back Catalog Work

I spent the entire morning working on my back catalog listings. The essentials of this consisted of removing all of my books from the expanded distribution on Smashwords and moving them to Draft2Digital.

When I first started down this self-publishing journey, Smashwords was a huge player in the market. I loved what they were doing. Giving someone like me access to libraries and small storefronts was incredible.

They’ve done next to nothing in the past six years. I’m sure someone working for the company would argue that they’ve added a store here or increased payments from quarterly to monthly there.

That’s true.

But compared to the strides D2D has made, Smashwords has essentially tripped over its own two feet. So I’m unpublishing all my work from Smashwords, except for their storefront, and posting them to D2D.

Will this make me a lot of money? No. Will it give me better access to libraries? Yes. And it gives me more options for changing my pricing, updating my books, and seeing what kind of promotions are working for me. D2D is light years beyond Smashwords.

Because I’m changing everything over, I’m using the opportunity to update my books with new back matter. Basically, I’m adding links to my latest novels, podcasts, and website to all my old work.

It’s a thankless process, but these are the kinds of tiny things that add up over time. Just adding affiliate links to all my books in my back matter adds up to a few hundred bucks a year. It’s a shitty job, but it really does pay off.

This morning, I updated The Hunger series. I’m hoping to get around to the Asher Benson books tomorrow. The rest should happen by the end of the week.

And I managed to sneak in 1100 words on Don’t Blink. Looking good to finish in the next few days.

See ya tomorrow.