Day 131 – Pissed Off

It took over six hours to deal with the accountant. That experience left me defeated, exhausted, and pissed off. My income has dropped dramatically during my two year… sabbatical… and it sucks. So I’m on the warpath.

And my last release was crap, as expected, so I have a lot to chew on.

This blog is going to change from ‘what works’ to ‘I’m figuring it out as I go again and I’ll let you know what happens.’ Gonna be fun.

I managed 2100 words on Don’t Blink today, or roughly 8-10 pages. Looks like I’ll wrap it up on Sunday or so. Could be Saturday, but I don’t know how this story will end, so it could go a bit longer than expected.

I’m also going to pull Broken (Asher Benson #3.5) from the Asher Benson boxed set and publish it standalone. Neither of these will make me money, but I enjoy writing shorts. And it will give me more to drop in the Patreon bucket if I decide to go that route.

In the near future, I’ll go through the ups and downs (mostly downs) of the newest release and post my analysis of it. Spoiler alert: Amazon is now pay to play.

See ya tomorrow.