Day 128 – Accounting

I don’t understand our tax system. At all. Typically, I’m pretty good at figuring things out in a logical manner. Give me a problem, and I can sort through it, given enough time.

Can’t do that with taxes. Just can’t wrap my mind around it. Cause it doesn’t make any kind of sense to my brain. So I have an accountant, who saves my ass every single year. It isn’t cheap, but the service more than pays for itself. Right now, my tax situation is pretty basic, but it gets more complex each year as I add new stores I sell books through or other income sources and expenses.

We’re meeting with our guy on Wednesday, so I’m spending entirely too much time over the next two days getting my paperwork in order. I’m terrible at organizing. It’s embarrassing. Each year when we meet with him, I have to run around like an idiot getting everything together.

This is the boring crap that makes owning your own business tedious.

Anyway. I also posted a new book review on Final Guys from W. Sheridan Bradford for Exponential by Adam Cesare. I already purchased a copy of this sucker because of Sheridan’s review. Really excited to start it. Cesare is great. I have a feeling he’ll go places.

I didn’t manage as much writing today as I wanted, but still got down 519 words down. Not a great writing day, but trying not to whine about it too much. Hoping to get more down tomorrow. I say that too much. Gotta get back to no more excuses.