Day 127 – Missing in Action

I’ve really been slacking with the posts the past few weeks. But on weekends like this one, when I’m not doing a whole ton of work, I’ve decided not to waste my time putting up two lines in a post.

Friday, we recorded an episode of SBIG. We might have watched two of the worst movies I’ve ever seen back to back. It was a mind-blowing experience. Honestly, I have no idea how the episode will even come out, because we barely had anything to talk about.

Saturday, I went to a beer festival. So yeah… no work that day.

Today, I watched football like I always do, but I managed to sneak in 1800 words in Don’t Blink. I absolutely have to get this sucker finished this week, so I can get back to the sixth book in The Hunger. Plus, I want to have some time to get Don’t Blink published by Halloween. I also synced all the footage for SBIG.

It’s not an enormous amount of work, but we actually have a lot of footage that goes into an episode. We have the movie files, our reactions to it, the audio of our reactions, the discussion, and the audio of the discussion. All that has to be normalized and synced. Kind of annoying actually. But I did that this morning.

So that’s it for this weekend. 1800 words and an episode of SBIG. Not the most productive weekend, but a fun and relaxing one.

See ya tomorrow.