Day 126 – Short Story

Another short one today, because it’s late and I’m tired. I wrote more of the short story today and… that was about it. Tomorrow, we’re filming one or two episodes of SBIG, so that it’ll be a ton of fun.

I don’t like most modern comedies, so I get my laughs by trying to find hilariously bad films. Can’t say what we’re watching yet, because we haven’t decided. But I’m rooting for The Howling 7. I’ve never seen it and I’ve heard it’s incomprehensibly bad.

I might have time to get a thousand words in before we start, but maybe not. Might not have time to blog tomorrow either. Depends on how many movies we watch and how much I have to drink during them.

Coming up, I’ll go over my release. What worked, what didn’t, and some of the conclusions I’ve drawn from it. Most of what I’d speculated leading up to it about Amazon being pay-to-play seem to be true.

Catch ya later.