Day 124 – Back to the Grind

Just a short post today, because I didn’t much worth writing about. I jumped back into the sixth book in The Hunger. Because it had been a bit since I’d worked on it, I had to go back a few chapters and read through them. I ended up changing a few little things, which led to a few other things.

Which led into doing more work than anticipated. I only managed a few hundred new words, but things are looking pretty good from here. We’ll see how it goes.

Tomorrow should see some more words on the page.

I also recorded, edited, and uploaded the newest Final Guys. I’ll post the episode here tomorrow.

And finally, I’m kicking around a few short story ideas I can crank out in a few days. I’d like to have something to release around Halloween. We’ll see if any of them grab me enough to work on.

See ya tomorrow.