Day 117 – One Day Left

The build to release (heh) is the best and worst. I hate all the work, but it’s exciting to have a new book run into the wild. Feels like I finished this novel months ago and I’ve been growing old waiting for this day.

Much of today was spent updating a ton of pricing on all my books, but with The Hunger in particular.

Devoured has been free for a really long time. At some point, I’ll go through the ways I’ve pushed The Hunger, including using free. But for now, just know that I made the book paid again, because free isn’t what it used to be.

Because Amazon doesn’t let you set the price to $0.00 permanently, you have to trick their system into doing it for you. Once you make the book free everywhere else, you can get Amazon to price match it. Then you’re good to go.

Devoured had been free for so long that it wasn’t moving many copies anymore. My plan for the series moving forward is to push paid sales on Devoured and have it trickle down through the rest.

One issue with free is that a lot of ‘buyers’ don’t actually read the book. A ton of people horde freebies they never get around to. So you have to giveaway a lot of copies to get a decent read through with the rest of the series.

When you’re advertising paid books, the read-through rate is much higher. But it’s expensive and tricky to do. We’ll see how it works. I’m also hoping the series gets a little bump from Amazon now that Devoured costs a few bucks, but I’m not expecting much.

I also had to rectify my messy pricing on Google Play. Until recently, Google always discounted the price of my books. If I wanted Devoured to cost $3.99, I had to price the book at $5.18 or so. After Google discounted it, the novel was set correctly. It was really annoying.

They changed that not too long ago, so all my books had bizarre pricing. My novels were five bucks and some change. The boxed sets were over ten. It was a mess and it hurt my sales. I spent a lot of time correcting that today. Looks like we’re all good. Or mostly good. Have a few shorts and West of Hell to fix yet.

Decayed, and all its links and images, is now on my website. That required me to update three pages and the menu. Not a huge deal, but takes a bit of time.

I also added Decayed to my Amazon Author page using Author Central. This site allows all my books to show up when you click on my name on Amazon. I have to do the same thing for my Amazon UK page.

Then I updated my Bookbub author profile with Decayed. Supposedly, they’re going to email my followers on Bookbub tomorrow to let them know about my new release. I’ve never used this service before, so I’m curious to see how it works. It’s free, so even if it doesn’t move any copies, it only cost me a few minutes of time.

Tomorrow is release day. That’s always a long one. Gotta send out a newsletter, spend a lot of time on social media, and then record Final Guys in the evening. Looking forward to it.

See ya tomorrow.