Day 114-116 – Publishing

I spent the weekend out of state, so I obviously wasn’t able to update the blog. Not that I did anything worth updating about, but still.

Today, I drove five hours home in the morning so I could make the kickoff of the Steelers game. Wish I hadn’t gone through all that. Shit game.

My allergies, or some kind of summer cold, kicked me in the teeth all day. I feel like a turd stuck to the bottom of someone’s shoe. It isn’t conducive to getting a lot done, but I have a book coming out in two days, hopefully, so I had to suck it up.

Today was spent publishing Decayed to the various stores I sell in. That means a lot of manual BS that isn’t hard, but takes a significant amount of time. The book is processing at all the stores as I type this, so it should be available by Tuesday.

That’s the plan, anyway. Apple likes to take their sweet time, which delays half my releases. No idea why. It’s annoying.

Back to the grind tomorrow, assuming I manage to dislodge myself from the bottom of that damn shoe.