Day 111 – Final Touches

I’d hoped to get Decayed to my beta readers today, but didn’t get through all the notes of stuff to fix first. One mistake, the wrong character name, is proving hard to track down. I gotta find it before sending the novel out.

Getting these fixes done took up most of my day. Got a big workload tomorrow, where I hope to get this finished, format the ebook, send it to my beta readers, and blast out a newsletter teasing the release.

If I have time, I’ll work on the book description. Gotta get that done, so I can give it, and my page count, to my cover artist. She needs the exact page number to finish the paperback wrap.

I also need to take Devoured off permafree. The ads I’m planning to run will work much better if readers need to pay for the first book. A lot of people who get a freebie never go on to read the novel, let alone buy the sequels.

Permafree works in spurts now, but long term, it looks like spending cash on ads will be the best approach.

I also recorded, edited, and uploaded the newest Final Guys episode. I’ll post it here tomorrow, but you can find it on the Final Guys site now if you’re interested.

A written interview with yours truly just went live on Michael Henderson’s site today too. Check it out. Great questions and shitty answers. The usual with me.

See ya tomorrow.