Day 107 – Misc

Today was a busy one, but little writing was done again. My plan to go to bed early, so I could write first thing in the morning hasn’t worked out all that well. Should go better tomorrow. Still, I managed a few hundred words and managed to plot out the next chapter or two in my head.

But the stuff that kept me busy was the same crap I’ve been working on all summer.

First up, there’s a new Final Guys. Lots of laughs in this one as we review The Banana Splits horror movie. You read that right. Give it a listen.

Then I worked on the website more. A lot more. I’m changing the homepage around a bit, which seems like something that should be easy, but my theme is being a massive pain in the ass. I’m almost done with it though, so things should look a lot better shortly.

A few bugs with the mobile version of my site have cropped up since I updated the theme recently. Still trying to fix those little bastards. Should get them done soon.

The move away from Mail Chimp is looking likely, but I don’t want to go into detail until I make up my mind.

Anyway, that’s it for today.

See ya tomorrow.