Day 105-106 – Oops

Forgot to post yesterday. I actually had typed up a little something, but put it in draft mode to record Final Guys. Then I forgot about it. As you can tell, I’m really dedicated to this.

I was on Arm Cast Podcast with Armand Rosamilia last week. The episode went live yesterday. I had a lot of fun making fun of him. And Hunter Shea, of course. Some good laughs and information await inside. I do wish I’d known my audio was such shit, but whatareyagonnado.

I’m almost finished going through the proofs for Decayed. Just waiting on one more set of notes, then it’s off to the beta readers. I’ve never had a book take this long to release. It’s getting on my nerves. It hasn’t been any one thing, but every step of the process has taken way longer than normal.

I’ve put a few words down in the next book, but haven’t done a whole lot with it yet. Instead, I’ve written down several story ideas that I’ve had recently. These are stories I’ve thought about for quite a bit, and are somewhat fleshed out, rather than things that just pop into my head.

Typically, I don’t write down my ideas until a few weeks after getting them. I like to let them boil for a bit, see what survives. When the bad ones have died, I write the survivors down in my notebook for later. My brother had this notebook custom made for me, which I use to store my ideas. It’s rad. Hopefully I’ll get a lot of them inside of the next year.

Who knows at my current pace though. Two of these are probably going to be full-length novels. Most are shorts or novellas. I have quite a few of these I’m stockpiling in case I decide to start a Patreon account. Gotta have some content to make that sucker viable.

That and shorts don’t sell worth a shit.

That’s it for now. See ya tomorrow.