Days 97-99 – Whoops

You might have noticed that I haven’t blogged for three days. That isn’t because I was incredibly busy, my internet service died, or an explosion went off in my house.

The last two days, as I was crawling into bed, I realized that I hadn’t blogged for the day. I could have gotten up and banged some crap out, but honestly, I didn’t feel like it. The past few weeks have been incredibly busy, which is why my blogs haven’t been as substantive lately.

I do have more meaningful posts coming, as I continue to work through my launch. But I also started this as an accountability blog, so that’s my main focus with it.

So what have I been doing the past few days?

I got the first proofread of Decayed back and went through the notes. The book is now on to the second level of readers, who do an amazing job finding weird little things that my mind ignores. When they finish, which usually takes a few days, I’ll pass it on to the beta readers. Then it’s rock ‘n’ roll time.

Final Guys seems to be back on track, finally. The website is functional, the podcast doesn’t sound like trash, and I’m posting reviews again.

My website, which I thought I’d finished updating, is getting another coat of paint. I’m tinkering with stuff to see if it improves the browsing numbers across my site.

I’ve finished my training on Bookbub ads. Now, it’s time to start practicing. Can’t wait to lose hundreds of dollars until I figure it out. Assuming it works at all. I still have a feeling that rapid releases is the best strategy, but we’ll see.

The urge to do a few guest spots on podcasts hit me recently, so I’m considering reaching out to a few people. Tomorrow morning, I’ve got an interview with Armand Rosamilia on Arm Cast Podcast. It’s always fun talking with that douche, so I’m looking forward to it.

See ya tomorrow.