Day 96 – Accountability Day

I took most of the day off today. The past two weeks have me feeling close to burnout, so I needed a bit of rest.

Still managed to get a workout in, see a movie for Final Guys, and work on a short story. I also tinkered with some Bookbub advertising, and I think I’ve got the process figured out. Now it’s just about wasting a few hundred dollars till I get it dialed in. Not looking forward to that.

Didn’t make a ton of progress in the story, but I’ll take anything I can get. The short might be something I launch on Patreon if I decide to go that route. Still haven’t decided.

Tomorrow, I should get Decayed back from the first proofreader, so more progress will be made on that front then. And I’m getting back into writing pretty heavily tomorrow, so I’m pumped for that.

What did you accomplish today?

See ya tomorrow.