Day 78 – Audiobook Sales

Audiobooks are a big portion of my income. Ebooks are number one, but audio comes in at a decent second. Because of the higher price of audiobooks, I often make more per sale there than I do for an ebook.

I love audio.

Until now, I’ve produced all my books exclusively through They allow me to share my royalties with a narrator, if I choose, and distribute exclusively through Audible (which sells through their site and iTunes). A few years ago, they had great royalty rates and even percentage escalators depending upon sales.

Now, I get 20% of a sale and my narrator gets 20%.

That’s shit.

I’m currently looking into alternative platforms that will still allow me to distribute to Audible and iTunes. So far, I’m liking Findaway Voices. They seem to have great distribution, which is a positive. As best I can tell, the royalty rates appear to be the same. Because I’m writing in several series right now with Asher Benson and The Hunger, I don’t want to change anything with them. I’m going to keep the same narrator and use the same channels.

But for my upcoming standalone book, I’m going to change things up.

I’ve done the royalty-split option with all my novels until now. I’m thinking about paying a narrator upfront on the next one. It will cost several thousand dollars, so it’s going to be a risk. I’ll get double the royalties, which will be nice, but it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes me to recoup the money.

I’ll be sure to update the blog with my results.

Today, I wrote 1062 words in the untitled sixth book in The Hunger. Enjoying the character stuff I’m working on right now.

See ya tomorrow.