Day 73, 74, 75 – No Service

My plan to blog and write while at Scares That Care died a horrible death. I did write the first day, getting 777 words down before hitting the road. Lots of traffic on the way down, which sucked, but wasn’t overly brutal. I hate sitting in cars. Turns me into a whiny baby.

The hotel we stayed in had complimentary ‘wi-fi’.

It didn’t work worth a shit.

I managed to connect once. A single website loaded and that was it. Never worked again. So even though I wrote the first day, I couldn’t blog. I had every intention to, but whatever. More excuses, I know.

Still, I figured I could get a quick post up explaining the situation from my cellphone, but Williamsburg, Virginia isn’t a fan of my provider. No service for Google Fi there. At all. So, I thought I could hop on the Hilton wi-fi at the convention and update from there. Their guest wi-fi is tied to customer accounts, so I couldn’t do that either.

Jesus H.

To be honest, it wasn’t the worst thing. Lately, I’ve been focusing on being more in the moment. Present. I haven’t whipped out my cellphone every five seconds to check messages or sales or whatever like I used to. There will be a longer blog on that this week. Not worrying about that crap allowed me to enjoy the experience of the con much more.

We had a ton of fun and met a lot of cool people. Kane Hodder bought my wife a shot.

Tomorrow, I’ll do a big write-up with pics and descriptions of the events. Tonight though, I’m going to kick back and relax. Looking forward to writing more. Really digging what this blog has done for my work.

See ya tomorrow.