Day 72 – Awards

Allow me to pontificate about why I don’t give a shit about awards. If that sounds douchey (is that a word?), that’s because it is. But it’s also true.

I’ve never been nominated for a major award or won one. As far as I know. It’s just not something that interests me. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t accept one, as gracefully as an idiot can, but it isn’t something I strive for.

I want reader reviews. Reader emails. Facebook messages. Tweets. Knowing that readers are consuming and enjoying my work is what’s important to me. Having my characters resonate matters. Do my plots engage people? Those are my goals. That’s my validation. And sales, of course. My wife has this annoying eating habit. Trying to break her of that.

Hearing from my peers is less than important. I love when another author reaches out and tells me how much they loved one of my books, don’t get me wrong. But when they do that, it’s as a reader. At least in my eyes.

Award shows are basically just being recognized by your peers. That’s great and all. I’m not trying to diminish it. But it isn’t a driving force for me. Entertaining people is.

Giving a speech in front of a bunch of other authors doesn’t blow my skirt up. Not yet, anyway. My opinions have changed in the past. So far, I just want to save reader emails and enjoy bringing someone a few hours of entertainment.

Today, I wrote 2121 words. I’m hoping to sneak 1k in tomorrow when I get to my hotel room at Scares That Care, but we’ll see. Gotta keep cutting out excuses.

See ya tomorrow for what will likely be a short post.