Day 100 – A Look Back

Well, I’ve made it through 100 days of blogging. I’ve probably missed 6 or 7 days so far. Some were because of travel, others from laziness, most from forgetfulness. But still, I’ll call this a win.

So what do I think of this whole thing so far?

It has resurrected my career. I’d languished for the past two years, struggling to write, to do anything actually, and putting my progress out in the public has turned that around. I’ve finished one book and I’m a third of the way through the next. I’d like to be further along in the next novel, but I’m still light years beyond where I would be without the blog.

Blogging is dead. That’s not why I’m doing this, though. I want accountability. Putting my production out there has accomplished that.

I just finished a written interview, which is something I almost never do. The guy sent me great questions, so I had to say yes. I’ll post it here when it’s live.

This morning, I had a great conversation with Armand Rosamilia for his Arm Cast Podcast. It will go live next week. The link will be here when it is.

My thoughts on Patreon are continuing to evolve. I just might start one next year or so, though I have to keep mulling over the details. I think it might be a way to give my readers more stories for less money. And it’ll give me a consistent income.


Anyway, today consisted mostly of promotional work. No words again. I gotta get back on the writing train. The next book in The Hunger needs to release pretty quickly after the next.

See ya tomorrow.

And thanks for reading!