Day 59 – Updating My Office

I’ve mentioned before about how I’m considering renting an office space. Having a place to go each day would probably be a big boon to my productivity. It would also be a huge detriment to my bank account. Because of that, I’m changing some things around in my home office to see if I can achieve more at the house.

That process started today. The first thing I did was purchase a motorized standing desk. Sitting down constantly for the past fifteen years hasn’t done me any good. I’m hoping to split my writing and advertising times between sitting and standing. With any luck, moving around a bit more will keep me from getting so damn tired around the middle of the day. It will arrive on Tuesday, so I might have it for Final Guys that night, depending on how late it gets here.

Podcasting while standing is intriguing. We’ll see.

I also bought an air conditioning unit for the window of my office. During the summer, the heat in that room gets insane, particularly if I’ve spent the entire day in there with a computer or two running. If skin has a boiling point, I’m probably approaching it in there during the dregs of July.

Unfortunately, when I’m running an air conditioner and my video editing PC at the same time, the breakers in my house complain. Gonna have to get an electrician in here for some upgrades. $$$. But that will keep me from having to move my desktop PC to the basement during the summer. Having a year round space I can go in, and close the door to minimize distractions, should make a difference in the time I devote to writing.

Or it’ll just be a big waste of money.

I’ll let you know on here.

I’m also removing a futon that takes up too much space, buying a recliner to write/nap in, and throwing out some clutter. Will any of this help? Probably not, but it’ll make me enjoy the space more. I dunno. I’m going to drink beer.

This morning, I wrote 1042 words in the untitled sixth book in The Hunger. I have company arriving in about five minutes, so that’s all the output for today.

See ya tomorrow.