Day 50 – Book Signings

I rarely do book signings. There’s a simple reason for this… they don’t generate much money. In fact, they usually cost the author money.

At least if you’re at my level. I’m sure a Stephen King book tour generates huge sales and interest. Mine don’t. Most conventions require the author to pay for table space so we can hawk our wares. So the writer has to sell a certain amount of books just to break even.

That doesn’t happen most of the time.

To me, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I’d rather spend my time doing something else. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t reasons to do a signing, however. Meeting up with a bunch of author friends to share space and have some drinks is a lot of fun. It doesn’t bring in money, but it’s still a good time.

Having a table at a local bookstore, for free, is a bit more enticing too. But only so much. You just give the store a cut of any sales you make. Sounds decent, right? It can be fun.

Or it can be a soul-sucking experience. If you’re sitting by the entrance of your favorite local spot and no one pays attention, that really sucks. Most people don’t give a crap that you’ve written a book. They’re there for the new Patterson, not some local douche who wrote a terrible book. Sometimes authors have to essentially panhandle by the door, just to move a handful of copies.

Not fun.

So I don’t do them.


I do like the idea of having book release parties locally, where I can meet readers and have a good time. This isn’t something I’ve done before, but it’s an idea I’ve kicked around for a few years. It wouldn’t have to happen at a bookstore, necessarily. Could be cool to do at a brewery or bar or library. I dunno. Just something I think could be fun. Who knows what all we could do. Here’s a picture of The Tall One dressed like Cass at a book signing I did in Dallas, TX. Would be a blast to do something like this for book releases parties.

Anyway, that’s why you don’t see me posting about dates and locations for signings… I don’t do them. But I’m open to different ideas.

Today, I edited three chapters in Decayed. Soooo close. I also posted the new Final Guys episode. Give it a listen!



See ya tomorrow.