Day 31 – Story Ideas

“Where do your ideas come from?”

I get this question a lot. The answer is… I don’t know. Sort of.

When I say¬† I don’t know, I mean that I don’t sit in a room and attempt to conjure interesting plots. Maybe other authors can pull ideas out of the ether, but I’m not one of them. I wish could it. That make things easier.

My weird stories come from interactions with the world around me. Sometimes I see an article on a website that sparks something in my mind. Maybe it’s a conversation with a friend or stranger that gets the ball rolling.

The Dark is a good example. I read an article years and years ago about the Large Hadron Collider creating miniature black holes. Some people thought the world would end from this. Others theorized we might discover parallel dimensions.

My warped mind wondered what would happen if something spilled out one of the black holes.

And The Dark was born.

Several weekends ago, while having a few cold ones at a local microbrewery, someone told me about a craft stand they’d opened in a store. As they went over the particulars of it, an idea popped in my head. I can’t tell you what it is yet, because I haven’t started the project. Can’t have someone stealing my plot before I have the chance to ruin it myself.

My short story, Clown, came from the craze of scary clown sightings a few years ago. Remember when people were freaking out because some dude threw on a suit and stood at an intersection? That’s prime material right there. I have more ideas in that same universe that I’m kicking around, so there might be more coming.

Sometimes I get an idea if someone asks me to contribute a story for an anthology. Dead Ringer, Lotion, and All I Want for Christmas started that way. Lotion kickstarted The Hunger. I’ll end up with at least six novels out of that sucker. Not bad for originating from a short for an anthology.

All I Want for Christmas was originally written for a charity anthology for children. It was rejected for being too scary.

I’m proud of that.

It was accepted in another anthology later on, so it was a win for everyone.

There you have it. I’m random, my ideas are all over the place, and I have no idea how things pop in my head. Good luck figuring any of this out.

Today, I edited two more chapters in Decayed. My pace is terrible. Gotta up my game. No more excuses.

See ya tomorrow.