Day 21 – Second Draft

I started the second draft today. This process goes a lot faster than my first, but it’s extremely draining for me. I end up putting in a lot more hours in an attempt to blast through it so I can publish this sucker.

It’s Tuesday, which means I record Final Guys. We go live on YouTube every Tuesday at 8 PM EST. You should join us! We talk about movies, books, and everything else. Lots of fun in the live chat with a bunch of weirdos.

I’ll post the audio version of the podcast in tomorrow’s blog.

Anyway, I’m keeping this one short because Tuesday is always a busy day for me.

Today, I edited 7887 words in Decayed (The Hunger #5).  During that process I added 58 words to the manuscript. Typically, I add a lot more than that, so I’m a little surprised at how little the book grew. We’ll see about the rest of it.

See ya tomorrow.