Day 18 – Sharing is Caring

This is another short post, since I’m meeting with someone (at a bar, of course), who has questions about writing and publishing. That’s what I’ve been told anyway. The Tall One set this up. Might be an excuse to sit and have drinks. It’s cool with me either way.

I’ve done this quite a bit over the years. When aspiring authors in my area reach out with questions, I try to get together with them and answer as best I can. It’s fun to meet people who are just starting out, who have that hunger in their eyes to have their work read.

Other than being good for the soul, and hopefully the questioner, I think it’s important to help others out when they’re new to the business. A lot authors view their peers as competitors, but I don’t. A rising tide lifts all boats. Pick your aphorism. I would have loved to have known an established writer to throw ideas at every now and then.

Or just to put a few back with.

Don’t know that I’m in any position to dole out tips, but I’ll sure take the beer.

Anyway, I’m already running behind.

Today, I wrote 1069 words (4 pages) in Decayed (The Hunger #5), bringing the total to 82179 (somewhere over 300 pages). I should finish the first draft in the next day or two.

See ya tomorrow.