Day 14 – Another Slow Day

Another busy day that had little to do with actual writing. Tomorrow, I’m hoping to get a longer post done about why I self-publish instead of going through a publishing company. That one should be fun. Or piss people off. Or both.

I put together a gazebo on my deck today, which took ALL. FREAKING. DAY. It makes the deck tolerable in the summer, and helps keep the living room cooler, but damn. It sucks to put together.

Tonight, I’m podcasting for Final Guys, same as every Tuesday. You really should check out our livestream. The Tall One says it’s fun. She wouldn’t fib to me…

Have another busy day tomorrow, but things will be back to normal after that. More time for writing and blogging.

Today, I wrote 1088 words (4 pages) in Decayed (The Hunger #5), bringing the total to 77109 (over 300 pages now).

See ya tomorrow.