Day 19 – Accountability Check

My allergies are rough today, I’m dehydrated from drinking beer in the sun, I slept in, and I’m meeting friends for dinner. It’s Sunday. Today is one of those days that I wanted to curl up on the couch and watch some movies.

But this damn blog keeps me going. I managed to keep my active streak of writing at least 4 pages a day going for the 19th straight day. I haven’t written so frequently in a long time.

What did you do today? Authors, post your word count below.

What about readers? What did you accomplish today that you just didn’t want to do? Dishes? Laundry? Bury the body that was stinking up the basement? Finally leave that review for Ruined?

Today, I wrote 1273 words (5-6 pages) in Decayed (The Hunger #6), bringing the total to 83452 (over 300 pages).

See ya tomorrow.