Day 7 – Final Guys

As some of you might know, I have a weekly horror podcast called Final Guys. I get together with Hunter Shea and Jack Campisi of Monster Men infamy every Tuesday night to talk about the latest (or classic or crap) and greatest horror movies, shows, and books. We have a weekly main feature we review, which is usually a new release, along with a list of the media we consumed that week.

How does this tie into my writing career? Well, it does, and it doesn’t.

It does, because I read and watch a lot of thrillers and horror. A lot. Staying current with what is going on in my field helps me know what works and what doesn’t. I usually don’t write to trends, but sometimes I get inspired from things I see and read. And let’s be honest – I love this stuff. Movies and books are a huge part of my life.

The two knuckleheads I chat with each week are also horror obsessed, so they’re a great outlet for me. Between the three of us, we’re able to curate a ton of media each week, which hopefully makes it worthwhile for the listener. Final Guys gives me a place to talk about the stuff I love, and is a resource for others. That’s the goal, anyway. We also shit on each other a lot, so at least there are laughs to be had. Here’s this week’s episode:


Does it help my writing business? It does. I know for a fact that quite a few of our listeners buy my books when they release. It works as a decent advertising source for my stuff. We don’t charge for ads on the show yet, so we aren’t making direct cash from it. But we might in the future. When we start pulling in ad revenue, or maybe Patreon, that will be another income source for me. Or maybe it’ll just stay as a fun way to advertise my other stuff. We’ll see.

I just started listing the episodes on my website. They used to appear only on the Final Guys site, but putting them here gives my readers yet another piece of entertainment they can consume after they finishing reading my stupid blog posts.

Before you ask about my other podcast, Drinking with Jason, I’ll stop you. That’s a story for another day. The show isn’t dead, but on a hiatus until I have time to retool and relaunch it.

The work required to start a podcast is significant. I have the process down to a science now, but it still takes me a few hours a week. Good thing I like doing it. To host the mp3 files, I use Libsyn. They have some solid stat tracking and make it easy to embed the files pretty much anywhere. We meet on a Hangout On Air that I start through YouTube each week. We use a Hangout because it auto switches the camera when we speak. That saves me editing time. I record, and broadcast, the Hangout using OBS Studio, which allows me to add the intro and outro music on the fly. That saves me more editing time.

OBS broadcasts the show live to YouTube. Going live saves me from having to edit and upload each episode. When the show is done, my work on YouTube is finished. It’s just the audio portion I have to do. Going live also allows us to have a fun chat room going while we’re talking during the livestream. We have some great regulars each week, so hop in and talk movies with us. We’re live every Tuesday at 8 PM EST.

Hmm. Somehow this turned into a technical post about a horror podcast. I’ll stop while I’m behind.

Today, I wrote 1658 words (roughly 7-9 pages) in Decayed (The Hunger #5), bringing the total to 68906 (between 270 and 300 pages).

See ya tomorrow.