Ruined (The Hunger #4) release day

The day has finally come! After four years away from Cass and Lance, we’re returning to their ravaged world. This is the first book in a new three-story arc. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it!

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Lance York and his group of hardened survivors have spent nearly two years living on an island, isolated from the horrors that devoured the world long ago. After a deluge of hurricanes force them to flee back to the mainland, they struggle for weeks to sail along the coast of what used to be the United States.

When they run out of food and supplies, they enter the long-dead husk of Baltimore. They discover that humanity has clustered into a few encampments, struggling to survive against the monstrosities that own the night.

Within hours of running ashore, Lance and his friends become embroiled in a war between the remaining shreds of mankind and the ever-evolving creatures that dwell in the darkness.