Asher’s War is Live!

Asher’s War (Asher Benson #3)

Finally, Asher’s War is live. The paperback will be available shortly. I’ll send out another email when it is up on Amazon. Get your ebook here:

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And here is the blurb:

Asher Benson has been living on the outskirts of society for years. After surviving a devastating terrorist attack in the mountains of West Virginia, he abandons a life of solitude to rejoin a fight he thought was long behind him. Drowning in survivor’s guilt and plagued by the death and destruction that always follows him, Ash dedicates himself to finding the terrorists responsible for destroying an entire town.

When a new threat arises in Washington D.C., the entire nation descends into chaos. With a team assembled from retired Special Forces warriors, the snarky Nami, and the ever-vigilant Drew, Ash goes in search of the man who brought the country to its knees.


I hope you love it! After you’ve finished reading, please consider leaving a review where you purchased it. Amazon, Apple, and all of the others will help to promote a book if it has a lot of reviews so I need your help! We can spread Ash and Nami’s snark far and wide. Happy reading!