Three New Short Stories

I’ve just released three horror short stories on Amazon. They’re all quick and twisted, just the way I like short stories. They’re cheap to buy, $0.99, and FREE if you’re a Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime subscriber.

Dead Ringer: A Horror Short Story

CLARK SANDFORD, an unremarkable paper salesman, has one trait which makes him instantly recognizable to the people of Milwaukee—he’s a dead ringer for the city’s second baseman.

WHEN HE FORGETS his wallet after closing a sale, Clark fears that he won’t be able to rent a hotel room. Fortunately for him, he’s mistakenly identified as the famous baseball player. Assuming the identity of the celebrity, Clark soon realizes that fame isn’t all that it seems.
SOMETIMES BEING notorious can get you killed.

Lotion: A Horror Short Story in The Hunger Series

ADAM HAS SURVIVED the apocalypse. Monstrous, mutated vampires devoured the globe, leaving him to scrape by in the ravaged world left behind. After spending weeks living in a bank vault, Adam ventures back to his former apartment for some extra clothes and supplies.
WHEN HE STUMBLES into an old neighbor, a moronic man who has impossibly survived in the face of certain death, Adam’s daily struggle is magnified in hilarious and dangerous ways.

All I Want for Christmas: A Horror Short Story

ALL THAT TEENAGE Lisa wants for Christmas is her crush Stevie. She chronicles her struggles in school with her bullying classmates and the drama of her home life in her journal.

THE EARLY ENTRIES read like typical teen angst, but quickly descend into something much more sinister.