WTF Friday

I think it’ll be fun every week to post some of the funny ways that people find my blog.  I like to talk about random things here, so some of the search engines hits that come my way are hilarious.  Occasionally I might post a stupid video or something for your amusement as well.

So here you go:

  • gay he man
  • dop and dumber gym carry (those aren’t typos)
  • eric roberts muscle
  • lzzy hale
  • old teen wolf basketball
  • scary wink
I also managed to find a hilarious commercial for electronic cigarettes.  It stars Stephen Dorff doing his best James Dean impersonation while smoking ‘blu’ cigarettes.  The slowmo, popped collar, black and white, walking on the beach way he focuses on looking cool while smoking is too awesome.  He might as well have opened the commercial with “I’m Stephen fucking Dorff.  Fuck you.”